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kees en peter


The courses:

You will follow the course in a group of max. 10 persons to assure you professional and indivdual attention, so that in 1 or 2 weeks you can make progress, both in your techniques and in the development of your own vision.


We divided the season in weeks with the accent on landscape or on abstract painting. This is indicated by the letter L or A after de week concerned. These weeks are successive, which gives you a free choice and also the choice to attend both.

In the weeks landscape painting we start with one day initiation, in which I teach you in a practical and summary way, everything you should know to make a better representation of a landscape. The rest of the week is individual tuition and we will try to solve all the practical problems that occur.



The tutor:

The course will be given by Cornelis de Voogd, born in 1953 in the Netherlands. He studied from 1972-1976 at the Royal Academy of Art at 's- Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Since then he has been working as an independent painter. From 1992 onwards he has lived and worked in "Atelier Le Niocraux" in the French Jura. Since 1993 he organises an annual exposition of Art in Situ in the Jura. Throughout the years he has build up a lot of experience. Outside the courses he develops his own artistic work. In the season he likes to communicate his knowledge and experience to enthusiastic members of his course.



Some abstract paintings by Kees

abstract blauw

To see more work from Kees:



schilderen in de tuin

In the weeks abstract painting the accent will be more obvious on composition knowledge of colours, expression, experimentation with forms and materials. By instructions and free work, we try to enlarge your means of expression and thus deeper your vision.


expo vrijdag


Daring is important. When this threshold is conquered you will see that you work more freely and that you progress more quickly. We will mainly work outside. In the direct surroundings are already lots of beautiful sites. If necessary there is an atelier available. The course is from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. interrupted by a coffee break. At the end of the day we will discus our work together. After lunch you can undertake other activities like hiking, swimming, visiting interesting sites etc. But of course you can also continue your work.

On Friday evening we organise an exhibition and discus all the works we realised during the week. For those who really want to make progress one week is very short. We advice them to reserve two weeks if possible. With the confirmation of your reservation we will sent you a list of materials.



Some landscape paintings by Kees.



To see more work from Kees: