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Hiking in the French Jura:

For those who like to enjoy a lovely holiday in the splendid nature, "Le Niocraux" is a very good place to stay. You stay with full board in a comfortable "gîte" with a delicious kitchen. The direct surroundings are very picturesque and an oasis of calm and space. Nearby is the "Lac de Vouglans", with a length of 35 km, beautiful beaches watertemp. in Summer: 22 to 25°C. The altitude in the "Petite montagne" varies from 350m-750m. Common to all the walks are the beautiful foliage woods altered with splendid views on delightful rocky parts. Each walk has some climbs and descents, but for anybody with a little experience easy to follow. Some walks start and end at the house. Sometimes you have to take the car.


The walks vary from 12km - 20 km. On an individual basis, walks can be arranged all year through with topographic maps and good arrangements. The individual hiker has a choise of some 15 walks.




Baume les Messieurs, cascades d'Hérisson.
You drive to the village of Crancot. At a splendid view over this impressive gorge, starts your trip. Via a nice forest walk you descend to a beautiful 17 th. century abbey. Beside a small river you walk to the waterfall where you can visit a big cave. Later on you climb via a stairway up to our point of depart. You drive by car to the cascades d'Hérisson. Maybe a nice occasion to have lunch. Afterwards you can walk past the splendid waterfalls of Hérisson.
Distance: 25 km. Time: a whole day.

Il y a toutes sortes de possibilités. Des cartes pédestres sont à votre disposition.




Some hiking examples: 

Le Bief d'Enfer.
Departure from the house. You pass meadows, woods, old watermills, a small medieval town and follow the trial back to the house.
Distance: 15 km. Time: about 4.30h.

pierre enon

St. Christophe, Lac de Vouglans.
You drive to the beach and walk from there up through the woods where you meet several beautiful views over the lake. The village of St. Christophe has a famous old church. Outside the village is a splendid "lavoir" (old washing place). You start to descend, passing a small but high waterfall, walking on the shore of the lake. Here you might swim.
Distance: 10 km. Time: 3.00h or a whole day.

Villeneuve, Sarrogna, Montjouvent.
From the house we make a nice forest walk, pass meadows and traverse these 3 villages.
Distance: 15 km. Time: about 5h.

schone lucht